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This page collects all changelogs of Colt Canyon updates and lists upcoming confirmed and unconfirmed features.

Previous changelogs can be found in steam announcements or on the Colt Canyon Discord server.

Current version[]

All platforms should be on the same version. If a new update has been released it can take up to a few days for the update to be available on all platforms for all players. Usually updates are released for all platforms at once, but the PC version gets unstable pre-release versions and faster hotfixes.

  • Windows:
    • Stable (Steam & GOG): Version
    • Unstable (Steam & GOG): Version
    • Other platforms (Epic etc.): Version
  • Nintendo Switch: Version
  • Xbox: Version
  • PlayStation: Version

Most recent update[]


Released: January 5, 2023

  • Fixed solid level borders not being restored in loaded levels


Released: December 15, 2022

  • Made some bandits slightly more accurate and more aggressive
  • Fixed ambushes not being a thing
  • Fixed shadows sometimes not being visible
  • Fixed a bug where pausing the game during level generation breaks the run
  • Xbox: Fixed saves not loading when you have the partner as companion
  • PC: Fixed 'objectlist' command

Previous versions[]


Released: October 5, 2022

  • Small balancing tweaks to medic merchant
  • Made shields slightly less common
  • No longer counting new no permadeath game overs for average run length/progress stat
  • Blood weapons take slightly less health to use
  • "Damage taken" stat is now multiplied by 2 just like damage indicators, to prevent <1 values
  • Split "runs failed" stat into "permadeath fails" and in brackets "no permadeath" fails (only for new runs)
  • No longer allowing retry after successful rescue on game over screen (you completed the game, no need to retry)
  • Fixed invisible game over screen bug that was present on some devices
  • Fixed companion shields not being saved
  • Fixed old saves not being auto-loaded
  • Fixed crash when killing merchants
  • Fixed a bug where players would get duplicated
  • Fixed decals sometimes disappearing when tabbing out
  • Fixed a memory leak related to pausing the game
  • Fixed background not being blurred on all devices
  • Fixed a bug where grass, shadows and decals would not be restored when re-entering a level
  • Fixed a bug where the HUD transparency didnt work as expected
  • Fixed a bug with shop pricing
  • Fixed a crash related to incendiary barrel
  • Fixed character rescue stat not increasing when savegame was loaded during B-Levels
  • Fixed a bug with the bandit boss shield
  • Fixed pause menu allowed to be opened when on game over screen
  • Fixed save being possible while on game over screen
  • Fixed a minor issue with seed input on consoles
  • Fixed some blood weapons reloading despite it killing you
  • Fixed upgrade icons on game over screen not being centered when having a lot of upgrades
  • Fixed explosive bullets explosions not being positioned correctly
  • Fixed blood weapon save reload exploit
  • Fixed merchants sometimes having no grass nearby

Revision 11:

  • Fixed saves not loading correctly when you have the partner as companion


Released: August 23, 2022

  • Added run setting to disable permadeath, by allowing to restore the last save instead of deleting the savegame on death
  • Added quick save and load keys on PC (F5 & F6) when having permadeath disabled
  • No longer allowing 50% boss health, enemy attention nor 150% health drops without disabling achievements, but you can disable permadeath without disabling achievements now
  • Tweaked some UI elements
  • Decreased movement bonus enemies get in loops
  • Reduced amount of elite enemies in loops
  • Increased coyote base damage
  • Decreased reload times / cooldown times of a bunch of guns
  • Increased damage of explosive weapons
  • Slightly decreased accuracy, shield damage, active reload period and penetration power of arrow weapons
  • 20% of all arrows previously reusable with Premium Arrows upgrade will no longer be reusable
  • Decreased bonus damage of Premium Arrows upgrade and no longer granting bonus damage to throwables
  • Reduced amount of weapon crates in loops, but slightly increased regular crate amount
  • Fixed instance references not being restored correctly
    • This fixes a bunch of savegame issues, for example prisoners not being in their coffins or horses not being tied to poles
  • Fixed movement history not being part of savegames
  • Fixed weapons in crates not being loaded from savegame
  • Fixed some sprite placement issues on the game over screen
  • Fixed enemies being duplicated when following to different level
  • Fixed issues where a loaded level is treated as a different level while still loading, causing stuff like green locked crates showing up in area one
  • Fixed companion weapon ammo duplication glitch
  • Fixed upgrade titles glitching into each other in pause menu
  • Fixed some issues with scrolling menus

Revision 9:

  • Fixed menu background blur not being used on some systems
  • Fixed decals sometimes disappearing

Revision 10:

  • Fixed crash when killing merchants


Released: July 20, 2022

  • Slightly nerfed fast reload upgrade
  • Rebalanced some area 2 enemies
  • Slightly buffed bandit snipers
  • Slightly reduced player knockback when hit by heavy weapons
  • Fixed a crash preventing some players from starting new runs
  • Fixed guns not creating any particles when fired
  • Fixed remapped trigger button not being saved
  • Fixed throwing knives missing collision
  • Fixed player in savegames not loading correctly when game crashed during level generation
  • Fixed crashes/glitches when loading/saving a savegame while already loading or saving something else
  • Fixed pause menu saying save and quit instead of just quit in prologue level
  • Fixed weapon break particles visual issues
  • Fixed penetrating arrows duplicating visually
  • Fixed Pistolero achievement
  • Fixed cliff decals not being restored
  • Fixed beartraps sometimes causing savegames to not load correctly
  • Corrupted savegames shouldnt crash the game anymore
  • Various other fixes


Released: July 1, 2022

Biggest changes:
  • Save game support! To save progress in a run and continue later.
  • Switched to a new engine version (Important to be able to continue updating and supporting the game)
  • User progress is not backwards compatible! (If upgrading to 1.2 do not go back to 1.1 or you might lose progress)

Balancing changes:

  • Adjusted bullet logic for shell weapons (shotguns), also buffed some of the shotguns in general, like the pumpgun, and adjusted damage values and falloff distances for all shell weapons
  • Buffed most throw weapons and reduced their melee cooldown but decreased melee damage
  • Slightly reduced health of bear boss and bandit boss and slightly increased slaver boss' health
  • Increased explosion size of explosive weapons
  • Increased amount of items found in loops
  • Reduced revolving rifle reload speed
  • Buffed Eagle's bow reload speed but nerfed bonus damage
  • Nerfed Fox' bow reload speed
  • Buffed Taco's tnt reload speed but nerfed bonus damage
  • Allowed enemy attention 50% without disabling achievements
  • Spawning less new containers if player already has a lot of ammo
  • Made ammo cheaper to buy from merchants
  • Companions bleed out slower and can no longer bleed out in boss levels (they can still be executed)
  • Loot in all locked crate now scales with level (before only the locked weapon crate scaled with progress)
  • Slightly reduced elite power in looped runs
  • Reduced attention range of elites
  • Made it impossible for enemies to spot you unless they are visible on screen
  • Increased health or attack speed of some bandit types
  • Its no longer possible to keep companions when looping, except for Flint
  • Made ambushes much less likely to occur after first level

Other changes:

  • Added indicator in character selection when all loadouts for a character are unlocked
  • No longer removing loaded ammo that cant be turned back into ammo when weapon is replaced
  • Dead prisoners will no longer drop medicine
  • Added a way to unlock the unique revolver again and added some ammo to its loadout (Die just before reaching your partner, but in a looped run)
  • You can now visit the main menu before starting the prologue
  • Disabled damage indicator in tutorial level
  • Disabled weapon level indicator when swapping with empty slot
  • Weapon level indicator now highlighting if same weapon but durability is better than equipped durability
  • Changed the input system causing some custom key mapping to possibly become invalid
  • Persistent levels now utilize the save game system so reduce memory usage (they are loaded from disk now)
  • Various command prompt changes to support new engine features
  • Fixed boss corpses fading before dropping their loot
  • You can now go back in menus using RMB
  • Fixed active reload being impossible to fail in first half on some weapons
  • Fixed some objects being displayed incorrectly on game over screen
  • Fixed level 4+ elites not having circle indicator
  • Fixed crosshair animation missing if no weapon equipped
  • Fixed a special case where buying a shop item would fail
  • Various minor visual changes/fixes/tweaks


Released: February 14, 2022

Various changes:
  • Slightly reduced amount of enemies in B levels
  • Dodge rolls will now save characters from being on fire
  • Buffed some melee weapon stats
  • Dynamite Bandits will not throw dynamite when they are not on screen
  • Fixed a rare graphical glitch with vertical fences
  • Nerfed movement speed of some elite enemies
  • Made it easier to avoid killing dogs
  • Disabled explosion blur on consoles
  • Improved explosion performance slightly
  • High contrast player indicator now uses color of player one
  • PC: Improved scripting support and command prompt capabilites
  • Fixed secondary melee key binding not being saved
  • Fixed back button in keybindings being at wrong spot
  • Fixed main menu discord hint not working
  • Fixed bisons in ambushes count as innocent
  • Fixed dynamite bandit game over screen display
  • Minor translation fixes


Released: December 17, 2021

Various changes:
  • Reinforced Shields Upgrade will also affect companion shields now
  • Run Settings: Allowed enemy attention of 75%, Health Drops of 150% and boss health of 50% without disabling achievements
  • Taco now deals bonus damage with tnt weapons
  • Made ambushes less likely when you rescue the prisoner and when there has been an ambush recently
  • Made marksman rifle spawn later
  • Increased buckshot range
  • Increased machete damage
  • Increased pike damage
  • Increased thrown heavy spear damage
  • Increased bison health slightly and even more in loops
  • Increased repeater, half auto bow and crossbow fire rate
  • Increased various other rifle reload times and adjusted some damage values
  • Made war axe more rare
  • Increased blood weapon drop rate and made them start show up earlier in a loop
  • Removed experimental weapons from regular weapon crates
  • Adjusted some weapon durability values
  • Modified some english texts
  • No longer aborting reload when trying active reload too late, only aborting after failing active reload once and trying again
  • Companions level up slightly slower
  • Companions will take slightly longer before learning to dodge
  • Now counting loop as rescue for OG Squad achievement
  • Small nerf to Big Bear attack speed in looped runs
  • Nerfed final boss in loops
  • Increased amount of elite enemies in loops
  • Decreased amount of health dropped by elites in loops
  • Slightly reduced damage of final boss weapon in loops
  • Slightly reduced amount of health crates
  • Companions can no longer hurt prisoners
  • Made hitting arrow traps with bullets more reliable
  • Adjusted aggression distance on bisons
  • Slightly reduced amount of shield drops
  • Reduced chance of getting companion upgrade, especially in loops
  • Increased size of some heavy gun bullets
  • Decreased burning sfx volume
  • Reduced default game volumes
  • Placed some additional bear traps in bear boss level
  • Reduced time that bear trap takes to open
  • Reduced minimum enemy spawn distance in loops
  • Nerfed companion behavior with volley guns
  • PlayStation: Fixed damage indicators missing
  • PlayStation: Fixed particles and shadows missing when revisiting levels
  • PC: Moved mouse lock from graphics to keyboard settings
  • PC: Fixed some developer console issues
  • PC: Fixed aspect ratio settings sometimes being locked
  • PC: Implemented custom variable sytem for developer console
  • Fixed some visuals on the explosive carriage
  • Fixed Mom's Flint Rifle Loadout being a secret
  • Fixed crosshair being drawn over reload button hint
  • Fixed some run settings having 50% steps instead of 25%
  • Fixed bison and merchant sometimes not counting as innocent
  • Fixed upgrades sometimes showing up multiple times in the same pool
  • Fixed received damage setting not being applied to dash damage
  • Fixed dash knockback being too strong
  • Fixed wildnis scum hitbox
  • Fixed enemies not reacting to their shield being hit
  • Fixed weapon becoming invisible when swapping with companions
  • Other minor fixes


Released: October 12, 2021

Biggest changes:
  • Melee Combat Overhaul!
    • All weapons now have additional melee stats that influence melee damage, cooldown and much more, even stuff like how many targets can be hit with a single attack
    • Enemies (especially late-game enemies) will still try to block melee attacks but some weapons will be harder to block
    • Throwable weapons will have a much stronger focus on melee combat and should only be thrown if no longer needed or when fighting enemies you don't want to get close to
    • NPC melee still works as before to not increase combat complexity too much, but they will sometimes drop melee weapons now
    • Throwable weapons now have actual durability that is displayed in the HUD
  • Added active reloading to make reloading more exciting
  • Added over 50 new weapons, including various melee weapons and special late game guns
    • Added Blood Weapons, legendary blood-colored weapons only found in very late game, that use your life force to boost their power
  • Increased the maximum ammo you can carry and adjusted Max Ammo Upgrades
  • Added 7 new upgrades, most of them related to ammo and increasing either the inventory ammo capacity or the amount of ammo you will find
  • Shield Overhaul!
    • Shields will protect from melee damage, but also only when attacked from the front
    • You can now carry more than one shield but it only has 2 hp
    • If a shield breaks and you got backup shields a new shield will be equipped
    • More ways to get and find shields
  • You can now choose between 5 instead of 4 upgrades

Other changes:

  • Added indicator to help players decide whether a weapon on the ground might be stronger than the one equipped
    • Weapons that are stronger will be highlighted with a blood-coloured outline/glow around the weapon name when interacting
    • The indicator only takes the weapon you are currently holding into account, not the one on your back
  • Added a couple of gamepad-compatible cheats
  • Added seperate interface settings menu, moved some game settings there
  • Added auto reload option to game settings
  • Added received damage mulitplicator run setting (also influences companions)
  • Changed the color of the fletching on arrows to improve visibility
  • Added Aspect Ratio Setting (PC Only)
  • Improved Crosshair (improved visibility) and added more crosshair settings
  • Showing equipment of enemy that killed you on game over screen
  • Swapped main melee key and secondary melee key
  • Adjusted some weapon cooldowns (throwables in particular)
  • Adjusted some weapon stats (throwables in particular)
  • Adjusted floor texture to give everything a bit more contrast against it
  • Enemies will start attacking faster if you are getting close to them
  • Enemies in first stage no longer receive extra melee damage
  • First boss changes: Reduced health by 5hp
  • Second boss changes: Increased health, slightly reduced health scaling with player amount/loop, slightly adjusted movement, Loop changes: reduced dash damage but buffed movement and cooldown and placed toxic plants in the level
  • Final boss changes: Increased the amount of containers in the level and increased the time between final boss attacks, slightly increased his health and decreased penetration power of his gatling gun, Loop changes: More shield health and more resistant to explosives
  • Tweaked melee combat target detection algorithm to make aiming in melee combat more important
  • Added slowdown after melee attacks
  • Reduced movement speed with throwable weapons equipped a little bit
  • Resupply can now show up and be selected up to three times per run
  • Resupply no longer full restocks dynamite if a dynamite weapon is equpped, instead it only grants 2 dynamite
  • Tweaked arrow ammo sprites
  • Enemies will try harder to hold some distance from you, especially high-level enemies
  • Tweaked Scythe, its also now called Combat Scythe
  • Added new enemy type to first area in loops
  • Added a new locked crate type that contains shields
  • Merchants will now also sometimes sell shields
  • Adjusted big knife upgrade
  • Improved upgrade generation
  • Updated some playable character stats (especially in regards to melee combat)
  • Reduced fast reload upgrade reload speed boost but added active reload upgrade as part of it
  • Made throwables more rare in big crates but allowed weapon crates to sometimes drop em
  • Hostile dogs can now lose interest in you if there are no human enemies also chasing you and they are too far away from their spawn
  • Decreased enemy ammo drops if player has a lot of ammo
  • Player now always marked if using color blindness mode
  • Increased amount of loot in first level
  • Reduced destructible dodge damage
  • Free tnt upgrade and companionr rest can be chosen up to 3 times
  • Tweaked companion armor upgrade
  • Increased capacity that max ammo 2 and max ammo 3 adds for light rounds
  • Added an extra ammo drop to locked crates
  • Reduced amount of cacti in area 3 cactus fields
  • Companions will now also get some short invincibility after being hit by a gatling gun round, just like players
  • Human companions will now learn to dodge over time
  • Fixed some item drops being unreachable because they drop outside of level
  • New upgrade icon color backgrounds
  • Increased trap blink frequency and contrast
  • Companions can no longer use throwables (didnt make sense before, with the melee overhaul it would make it even more complicated)
  • Added new icons for loadouts with special boni that will make it less cryptic whats special about the loadout, no more "!?"
  • Adjusted some loadouts to use some of the new weapons
  • Replaced improved auto rifle with high-cap auto rifle
  • Replaced Improved Slug Gun with Multi-Cylinder Revolver (we already had slug repeater)
  • Fixed "Mom" not having reloadskill of 10 despite being more skilled than "Fox"
  • Changes to some weapon sprites
  • Weapon drops will now lay on their side if the weapon is higher than it is wide
  • Tweaked some weapon animations
  • Tweaked some partner stats (made them more agile)
  • Increased alertness indicator contrast
  • Slightly increased the chance of enemies dropping their weapon and the amount of ammo in those guns
  • Added interaction to prisoners in coffins to help with the rescue
  • Adjusted a whole bunch of weapon and character stats
  • Slightly increased the amount of ammo dropped in later levels
  • Melee enemies will sometimes drop a melee weapon
  • New Blur Shader
  • Increased amount of weapon crates
  • Minor HUD adjustments
  • Made bears and bisons resistant to toxic plants
  • Increased health of carried explosive barrels
  • Reduced strength of boss health scaling with additional players and looping
  • Reduced strength of enemy health scaling in advaned loops
  • Scorpions and snakes are no longer scaling their health in advanced loops
  • Scorpions and snakes have a longer cooldown between attacks
  • Increased enemy skill in loops
  • Reduced amount of health dropped by elites in loops
  • Added some more high-level bandits to looped bandit stage
  • The dog is slightly more approachable
  • Slight adjustments to auto reloading
  • Removed language setting on console version (use system language instead)
  • Added command prompt command to toggle menu paper sway animation
  • Various changes and additions to command prompt, including basic scripting/modding support


  • Fixed player sometimes getting stuck in walls
  • Fixed companions aiming in weird directions while walking
  • Fixed some cover not spawning in final boss level
  • Fixed characters sometimes not being kicked in the air by knockback
  • Fixed some wrong weapon stats like float damage values
  • Fixed coop shared ammo not working correctly
  • Fixed merchants not reacting to trades
  • Fixed enemies sometimes attacking while player is still frozen
  • Fixed issues with the enemy skill run setting
  • Fixed various issues where the player might get stuck
  • Fixed an issue where npcs will stop moving
  • Fixed bullets dealing critical damage to shields of unaware enemies
  • Fixed dynamite sometimes not destroying objects if not in view
  • Fixed a bug where reload hints were not showing up
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to move through solid objects
  • Fixed a bunch of memory-related issues
  • Fixed various minor bugs and possible crashes


Released: December 23, 2020

Various changes:
  • Added Run Customization/Difficulty Options! (Including starting as Looped Run)
    • You can find the difficulty settings in the character selection screen on the top left (the gears symbol)
  • Added more variation to the level generator
  • More interface text is now being influenced by HUD scaling
  • Nerfed stronger tnt upgrade
  • Buffed explosive weapons
  • Fixed companions using throwable weapons
  • Partner levels up faster, normal companions slightly slower
  • Fixed some translation issues
  • Reduced Air Rifle Reloading Times
  • Gave Taco more Dynamite
  • Olaf now has the highest max health of all characters
  • Added experimental autoreload command
  • Reduced damage dynamite deals on enemies but made the damage drop off more forgiving
  • Increased ammo hud display contrast and added markers to make it even more clear what ammo your weapons use
  • Changed Menu toggle labeling
  • Adjusted some shop prices
  • Increased enemy count and ammo drops in first loop
  • Adjusted weapon drop chances to increase the variety of weapons dropped
  • Made enemies in loops slower and gave them more ammo drops
  • Shell weapons will destroy shields faster
  • Decreased Rifle Bandit health
  • Final boss health equals its shield health now (making this boss easier overall)
  • No longer need a rescue to unlock 1250 total kills reward
  • Adjusted loadouts that start you with limited health containers to only reduce starting health instead
  • Adjusted some other playable character stats to buff some characters
  • Increased Max Health of One Eye and Chain by one
  • Showing run seed in pause screen now
  • Saving some more stats in the background for future updates
  • Decreased high-level elite enemies shield health
  • Added some new dualshock input icons
  • Fixed final boss not going into second phase despite having shield
  • Elites don't spot you as easily anymore
  • Decreased conspicuity of some of the playable characters
  • Fixed, balanced and tweaked various other minor stuff


Released: September 2, 2020

Various changes:
  • Added new interaction to native rock
  • Added 4 new rare weapons
  • Fixed a bug that made companions take too long to attack after leveling up a bunch of times
  • Made companions level up slightly slower
  • Changed Shadow Walker Achievement: You only have to reach the third area now (instead of your partner) without having been spotted by human enemies
  • Slightly adjusted some ammo drop rates
  • Rebalanced enemy counts slightly
  • Reduced first boss health a bit and made his attacks less frequent
  • Reduced second boss health a bit and made his attacks slightly less frequent
  • Made final boss a bit easier to handle
  • Fixed PlayStation Controllers not being detected in coop
  • Added Polish translation
  • Updated existing translations
  • Added Wiki Hint
  • Tweaked, rebalanced and fixed some other minor stuff

For previous changelogs please check steam or discord.